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About us

We are a boutique consulting firm that provides services to companies and individuals in the areas of setting up, accounting, tax, transaction and outsourcing services.

Established in 2017, with a vision of providing smarter and efficient solutions to business and individual needs that tailor for long-term/short-term growth and prosperity.

Our tax services are trusted by small businesses everywhere because of our focus on forward taxation techniques. Tax planning and preparation should never be just a once-a-year activity. Maximize the financial resources available to your business as it grows or to yourself through careful planning. Our tax services will aim to reduce the taxes you will pay over the years and our professionals will help you choose the best path for tax preparation, planning and filing.

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With comprehensive support you’ll never have to worry about an hourly fee.
With a forward-taxation plan and all-year support from your team, you stay focused on building your business.

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    Consulting Services

    We help you in the process of submitting tax returns over the internet using tax preparation software
    Individual tax return is an income tax return filed by an individual.
    It is important to understand your federal, state and local tax requirement as a owner.
    Franchise tax refers to a tax paid by certain enterprises that want to do business in some states.
    We have a professional accounting team to file your sales tax returns.
    Payroll taxes and income taxes are two different taxes, yet they are both connected with payroll.
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    We work for a wide variety of clients in both the private and public sectors.
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